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Seminars and Workshop

Intro DNS Discovery seminar

Start Date :17/04/2020 8:30am
End Date :17/04/2020 12:30pm
Price: $69.00

Discovery Seminar.  Start on the path to a fun, rewarding, effective and profitable practice with this hands on discovery seminar and be introduced to DNS. You will have

 all the information you will need to see if this is right for you and you will learn Dr Hartz's sought after instruction on the science behind energetic testing.  You can continue

with the seminar for the with seminar registration.

DNS Boot Camp

Start Date :17/04/2020 . 8:30 pm
End Date :19/04/2020 . 1:00 pm
Price: $590.00

A 3 day boot camp. A comprehensive seminar and workshop that covers the entire basic DNS system, with drilling and hands-on help and instruction. This includes the Discovery seminar.

This system allows you to detect and focus specific therapeutic protocols that will effect the underlying causes of chronic disease. Includes 240 page manual and basic pracitce management.

Location: Hilton Garden Inn, 3333 Thomsville Rd. Tallahassee, Fl  850-385-3553 . Fr- 9:00- 5:00,  Sat. 8:30 am - 5:00 pm ,  Sunday 8:30 - 1:00pm

Products (DNS students only)

Frequency Coherence Measurement (FCM)

Price: $140.00

Prepieratory Field Coherence Mearsurement device.  

Coherence Measurement filters

Price: $140.00

Field Coherence Measurement filter.  

FCM with filter

Price: $260.00

 Field Coherence Mesurement device and FCM filter.  

Signal Augmenter

Price: $140.00

Signal Augmenter (large)

Inflammation l test kit

Price: $265.00

Inflammation l test kit covers factors relating to immune stess and toxicity.

Inflammation ll test kit

Price: $265.00

Inflammation test ll  related to Food and enviromental and immune modulation factor that effect inflamation.

Inflammation l and 11 test kits

Price: $510.00

Set of Inflammation l and ll test kts

DNS Skin receptor examination poster

Price: $50.00

DNS skin receptor exmination poster.  Can be mounted on the wall for Doctor and patient reference.

DNS starter package

Price: $1990.00

This is the DNS starter package that contains:  3 day boot camp registration, Inflamation 1 and 2 testing kits, SIgnal Augmentor, FCM and DNS manual and DNS University.