Because of the uniqueness and diagnostic accuracy of the findings obtained from examination and the resulting specifically designed treatment protocols. The system derives diagnostic information from multiple sources and then they are correlated together.
A comprehensive time line history back to birth. This allow a evaluation of childhood history and many time points to the underling cause of the presenting symptoms. Comprehensive blood testing that is affordable and a functional report that narrows the conventional normal's to functional normal's, which give us wellness blood parameters rather then values derived from pathological states only. Biophoton evaluation was originally developed in Germany and researched and advanced by various practitioners of multiple disciplines including Dr. Hartz. This precise and very reproducible technology allows the gathering of information that points to specific reasons for the loss of optimum health and solutions to it. This is not just another muscle testing technique, but a calibrated, scientifically valid, reproducible and effective system of evaluation. These three sources of information are integrated together and common findings are correlated and a therapeutic protocol is developed. This could involved specific clinical nutrients, herbs or homeopathic s from all over the world. Life style and diet changes could also be part of recommendations for that specific clinical picture.