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Why Designed Nutrition Systems

Early in Dr Hartz’s 40 years of practice, it became very obvious that his patient base was suffering from conditions that were not being handled by conventional medical or chiropractic care. This motivated him to go on to research to find the underlying cause of chronic disease. That search led him to chronic inflammation and autoimmune disease. The latest research is showing that a large percentage of the chronic disease that's plaguing our country and world is caused by these two factors and their underlying causes. The exciting news is that the latest research is showing

that these factors can be effectively mitigated with natural means. 

  So, he set out to find practitioners anywhere in the world that knew how to change the course of chronic and related autoimmune disease.  After 40 years of practice and a thousand hours of post graduate work with the foremost leaders in natural and functional management of chronic disease and his own research, DNS was developed. 

Most of the Functional Medicine/Nutrition oriented practitioners practicing today, fall into two main camps.

First: Are those who use functional or integrative blood evaluation and consultation to determine a course of therapeutic intervention.  Usually, the practitioner gets a general idea of the area of intervention from symptom survey forms, history and a possible blood analysis.  Without a direct feedback system to specifically direct a therapeutic intervention the practitioner tries various pharmaceutical grade, synthetic supplements to treat the results of exam and lab findings, on a try and see basis.  This approach produces varying results and can require months of therapeutic trials to see if a clinical protocol are effective. This increases cost and can cause delayed results, resulting in patients losing confidence and discontinuing care. 


Second:  In DNS we have integrated a comprehensive nutritional exam, timeline consultation, functional blood evaluation and bio-energetic testing into the evaluation. Functional blood analysis is an effective adjunct and a piece of the therapeutic puzzle. By taking conventional testing and placing those findings through a functional lab we derive functional normal that show us more of the underlying cause of the loss of optimum health.  These blood evaluation findings contribute to the clinical evaluation and protocol development. 

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    They are correlated with the bioenergetic findings, a nutritional exam and a timeline consultation. These frequently reinforce and complement each other. The use of multiple clinical modalities is what produces the laser focused evaluation and specific clinical recommendations that produce life changing results.  Whole food supplementation has continued to be the basis of our programs with specific clinical nutrients, herbals and homeopathies, from all over the world.  Protocols are the result of individualized testing and their findings.  Putting together these pieces has resulted in the development of a system that is very fulling, affordable and effective in combating and preventing chronic disease.


 Introduction to DNS

Attend a Discovery


A short seminar that will answer your questions about DNS start you on the step to a fun, effective, and profitable practice.



 Complements as a reference for the Boot camps seminars

Attend a 3 day hands on Boot Camp

Covers the complete basic DNS system. Your ready for Monday morning.

The Master’s program

Once you see the potential that this technology can produce for your patients and family,
you will want the intensive and in-depth on-going training and certification that the client
only programs can provide.  The coaching program provides the time and individual attention
that will help you become a master clinician of DSN. 

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