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As a practitioner that traveled hundreds of thousands of miles to hundreds of post graduate courses, Dr. Hartz know the expense, the time out of the office and stress on families that multiple seminars can inflict on a practitioner. There are some things that are best taught in person, but a large percentage of the didactic education that is needed to grasp the principles of DNS are best obtained in Video University forme where the material can be reviewed as many times as needed.  With the advent of DNS University, practitioners from all over the world can obtain a working understanding of the fundamentals of DNS and focus their limited seminar time on hands-on training. The travel and expense and time has been spent for you to bring together a cutting-edge system, in one place, at a fraction of the expense.  Welcome to DNS university.


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Introduction to DNS

Basic DNS Circiculium
Module 1: THEORY
Section 1 Introduction
Section 2 Biophoton Physics
Section 3 Field Coherence Measurement and Signal Augmentation
Section 1 Cause of Chronic disease: Synthetic Stressors
Section 2 Cause of Chronic disease: Natural Stressors
Section 1 Why we cannot heal. Autonomic Dysfunction
Module 4: TESTING
Section 1 Neuro-kinesiological testing
Section 2 Skin Receptor Examination
Section 3 Energetic Testing Vials
Section 4 Remediation of Contract Reflex points (CRP) and Altered Regulation.
Section 5 New Patient Testing Examination Flow
Section 6 Re-examination Testing Flow
Section 7 Treatment Record
Module 5: DEMOS
Section 1 New Patient Examination Demo
Section 2 Recheck Examination Demo
Section 1 Nutrition: Weston A Price
Section 2: What to eat and what not to.
Section 3: What’s confusing about fats?
Section 4: Diet Logs and Supplement schedules
Section 1 Program overview, Making an appointment, Pre-consultation education
Previous lab and file reviewexamination.
Section 2 Time lime consultation
Section 3. The New Patient Report of Findings

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Excellent clinical outcomes, and practice success, are produced by positioning yourself in streams of knowledge, that leads you to clinical reasoning, that directs successful intervention

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